Dear Small Business Owner,

Chase Turner here…And in 2009, my best friend and I started a local business with $1,200 and turned it into a million business in less then 24 months.

As you know, $1,200 doesn’t buy squat in advertising. So how did we do it?

We did it by dominating Google searches…here is what a typical Google search looked like when a customer searched for gold buyers in oklahoma city or to sell gold in oklahoma city.

All the red arrows point to a website that pointed back to our business…

Results 1

Results 2


Dominating Google Like This Allowed Us To Have Months Like The Screen Shot Below…

We asked every customer that walked into our business how they heard about our company and we tracked their response every month on an excel spreadsheet.

Customer Referrals

As you can see…we relied on the internet and repeat customers to fuel our business…and they did. Months like this screen shot shows above…allowed us to go from our garage, to a small office, then to our first retail location, then to our second and then to our third…and allowed us to sell the business in 2013 for a profit!


After we sold the business, I did some traveling and then decided to follow my passion and become a full time online marketer and self-proclaimed nomad. You can follow my personal blog at:

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