Website Design is extremely important in today’s business environment.

The two most common mistakes I see from small business owner’s websites are:
1. Designing the site in a way that Google does not like
2. Having no clear message, navigation or call to action

Most businesses want a site that looks cool and is flashy. But all that does is tell Google to stay away from your website (learn more here) and leads to angry customers as most of the time these sites have very slow load times and takes forever to navigate…resulting in your potential customer leaving your site and going to your competitor’s.

The way you want to design your website is with a clean and elegant template. It needs to be simple and fast to navigate so the customer can find what they are looking for in a timely manner. And most importantly, there needs to be a clear call to action…an offer to the customer to do something…at the end of the day, the reason we are in business is to sell something!

Let your website work for you. Not against you.

But even if you have a site that covers these two issues above…what is the site good for if you don’t have traffic. This is where SEO Tag Cloud and our SEO plan comes into play. To bring you more customers on a consistent basis on autopilot.